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Originally Posted by Alan View Post
Loved it, such a fun car and so cool to drive something different ....

Is there any adjustments for the Hvac vents as far as aiming the air vent, I didnít see one .. I usually aim the AC towards my face because it cools me off.

Also do you leave the brake regeneration in the standard or reduced mode, the standard is pretty aggressive.

It is !!! I just canít get over the feel of hitting the accelerator (canít call it a gas pedal in this car )
The vent adjustments are in the screen. Tap the fan icon to bring up the controls. The settings are good - and you can either have one stream of air, or split it (which is what I do -2 streams pointing to my shoulders... to split it, you do sort of a pinch gesture (like zooming out of a photo)...

I have regen on standard. Really feels like a down shift when you lift off the go pedal. I also have it set to regen to a stop, so braking is mostly not needed ...
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