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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
One review said the air suspension was floaty. The other said it was too firm. Pffft. I'll just wait to hear your review.

Remind me why you didn't want an X5 again though? Price? And image?
Compared to any BMW, the Jeep is floaty. It's not designed with any sporting-pretension at all. The steering is also terribly vague. That said (when not in for seemingly near constant recalls) they are very good for what they are.

Originally Posted by kognito View Post
Congrats and enjoy!

Don't know if you are aware of this, or not. But NJ's no pump gas laws are just for gas. With my first diesel, I pulled up to the diesel pump and waited, and waited for someone to pump my fuel . . . .didn't happen.

I still own a small, rectangle tupperware container that held my gloves for use when pumping diesel. Used to keep it of the floor right behind the driver seat
That's interesting, because a guy definitely came out to fuel up my truck when I was in Jersey a couple of years ago. I remember because I didn't know the rules - are you expected to tip those guys?
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