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RX 8 .. . Problem already !!

Quick story .. started the RX8 and let it run for a good 5 minutes after a month of not being driven and then drove it ... first block or two and no issue then while gently going from 1st to 2nd gear The car stumbles and the car can barely go 35 mph. It is struggling and a picture of the engine is flashing yellow on the dashboard ... get the car back to the driveway I picked it up from and have it towed to a local shop who worked on the car in the past.

The mechanic doesn't know rotary's but does a check and finds error code PO 443 and PO 300 and tells me it's a cylinder misfire probably due from Sitting around for a month ... he resets everything and the car runs fine I drive it home from his shop about a mile away I go for a quick extra drive and redline it thinking maybe it needs to be cleared out ...

Today which is about 5 days later I pick up the car and it starts and I take off ... same thing a couple of blocks no issues, then again a calm drive to 1st gear then 2nd and damn the same blinking engine light and limp mode again.

Any ideas I read it might be coils and spark plugs for the misfire ... argh who needs this sh*t

Btw it's a 2004 with almost 77k miles

Any diagnostic tool you can recommend end so I can reset it instead of getting ripped off
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