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Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
Originally Posted by TD
Originally Posted by rwg
I am sure this was discussed in the past and decided, but why are these forums restricted? I understand that a local forum could be a good idea, but what's so secret that it's hidden? Just curious.
The idea is to allow people to feel comfortable giving out addresses or phone numbers to coordinate meeting up knowing that the audience of those posts would be VERY limited.
Exactly. It's like a PM to multiple recipients.

No one should be any more bothered by these small forums than they are by the existence of a PM function on the board s/w. You can't see other people's PMs either.

And clyde has a point. Making these forums private also spares the rest of us from hearing about all kinds of local stuff that doesn't apply to you.

These forums are not a secret and you can get added to them simply by asking.
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