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Getting the JK through the boulder strewn section of the ridge trail. The guys from
the other group helped out moving the rock.

At the end of the boulder section.

Group photo at Funnyrocks Saturday morning.

Starting to crawl at Moonrocks. In the background is
Funnyrocks and our campsite . . . in the trees somewhere.

The other half of Moonrocks. There are gullies there
that can be treacherous but passable.

The guys parked their rigs at the top while I ventured into
the gullies of Moonrocks, giving them rides.

Down in a gully. It's very deceptive because there's no good
point of reference and it's easy to get too far off camber and flip.

Skid plates are my friend.

The skinny 33's worked great. Plenty of grip.

A pinch point in a very narrow gully.


"Jeep is the only true American sports car*" - Enzo Ferrari

* Or something to that effect.
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