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On the Shoestring trail.

Getting over the broken bridge on Shoestring. It's still doing it's job and
helping us to avoid the stream.

Lost Lake was a beautiful, serene place where we soaked up
the (cold) atmosphere for a little bit late in the day.

Doing some night wheel'n as we head back to camp Thursday night.

A little night rock crawl'n, too, back at Funnyrocks near camp.

Clear blue skies and a beautiful Mt. Rainier off in the distance on Friday morning.

On Manastash Ridge right before we dropped down the Four
Fingers hill climb on our way down to Hwy 410 and fuel.

Dropping down Ardvark Hill on the Kaner Flats trail.
Heading downhill, of course.

Working our way through the twisty trail sections.


Getting late. . . . heading up the Kaner Flats trail again, crossing the rock gardens.


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