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Originally Posted by Jeff_DML View Post
My e90 m3 clutch was decent, had no complaints. Stick had the usual BMW long throws. With that said I dont think it was any better then my e36 M3 clutch/stick. I was happy with the e36 throws once I installed my ZHP knob.

And the clutch in our e46 wagon was the worst BMW clutch that I owned. I thought it was a wagon issue though.
The autos were GM, but I don't remember what the manuals were for the 325 engine. Getrag? The 330i was made by ZF, I think. I had no problem with the 330i clutch. Or the M3, for that matter.

Here we go:

Manual transmissions[edit]
5-speed ZF S5-39[59] (320d, 330d)
5-speed Getrag S5D 250G[60]
5 speed Getrag S5D 320Z (328i, 330i)
6-speed ZF S6-37 (20032006)

Automatic transmissions[edit]
4-speed GM 4L30-E (A4S270R) (323i and 328i up to 1999)
5-speed GM 5L40-E (A5S360R) (323i and 328i 19992000)[61][62]
5-speed GM 5L40-E (A5S390R) (320i, 325i and 330i)
5-speed GM 5L40-E (A5S390R) (320d and 330d)
5-speed ZF 5HP19 (A5S325Z) (323i, 325i, 328, 330i 20002003)
6-speed SMG-II
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