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Originally Posted by Josh (PA) View Post
I like Mineral Gray the best on M3s.
Sakhir is like Yas Marina, visually impressive, but not something i'd want to live with every day.

The individual colors are great, Tanzanite or Azurite would be worth the $1950 to me.

Looking at the interior options, Cohiba is sharp, but I'd do the Cloth Leather option and pocket the $3500.
Sakhir can seem bright in the sun, but in the slightest shade it gets pretty dark. Gray is nice for sure, but I'm all grayed out. Had the turbo for 3 years, still have the LR4, and even the Miata is a bit of a grayish silver. The eGolf is also silver. Plus, my wife loves Sakhir so I'm running with it. I was very tempted with Tanzanite even for $2k, but it's just too dark. You have to have direct sunlight to make it look blue.

Also, going with cloth saves $4.5k.
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