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Originally Posted by FC View Post
Upon further review, yes, it does appear your handle came off taking the top of the valve along with it. Must find a way to separate, rebuild valve ensuring proper seal, then then simply screwing handle to turn the stem on the top of the valve open/closed.
Or buy a new faucet and install -- ultimately simpler and it might not be much more expensive than replacing the valve cartridge. If there is only one sink, it should be pretty easy to match tub/shower close enough... If there are 2 sinks, perhaps just replace both now...

Clyde -
Installing a new faucet is pretty easy. The only specialized tool you should need is a basin wrench (a link to one on Amazon is below), which makes it much easier to reach up behind the sink basin and loosen the nut holding the faucet to the counter. You might also need to put a small mirror in the cabinet to help see up there if you can't crawl in (if your cabinet has a center post between 2 doors -- if so, it can be hard to crawl in there)...
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