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I’m currently paying I think either $810 or $818 for my current A6 so I’d be ok with that number but keep in mind i do 2 year leases which is why the figure is on the higher side.

I will definitely be looking at the 540 as well as the 550 next ... at first I wasn’t into the 5er redesign but the style is growing on me.
ah ok- guessing you have a fairly loaded A6 then. New 5 series is starting to grow on me as well. Saw an M550 in person the other day and really liked it. Seems like the new 540 is roughly as quick as the old 550. If I decided to go down that route for my next car, I think I"d also seriously consider the new X3 M40i (seems like the overall best of the current crop of "performance" CUvs. Very similar interior/space as the 5 series but am starting to appreciate the SUV form factor for family use. (I have to eat crow on that one cause i vaguely remember you explaining how you started to appreciate SUVs when you had kids in car seats and not having to bend down all the time. Didn't understand at the time...I'm also realizing that the more upright seating position is more comfortable and my lower back doesn't hurt now even on long drives )
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