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Originally Posted by John V View Post
The things I like about the E90 platform as compared to the E46 are the stiffness of the unibody, the quietness at freeway speeds and the tracking. The E90 was designed from the start to have a much lower scrub radius than the E46, and it tracks beautifully. Whenever I get in an E46 I'm reminded how badly they tramline and bump-steer.

Everything else I think the E90 was a step backwards from the E46. Interior, exterior, seat comfort, shift action, clutch action, throttle modulation, all worse. IMO.
I went from an 01 325 (stick) to 11 335 (automatic), but I remember the seats (both sports versions) feeling much more comfortable on the e92. I do remember test driving an e90 manual and found the clutch and shifter to be much better feeling. Also loved how solid it was in comparison- no squeaks or rattles whereas the e46 had a cacaphony of them. Also agree that it felt much better at highway speed with none of the tramlining from the e46. THe interior kind of grew on me (as did idrive) to the point where I didn't miss the e46. But, yes, I still think the e46 (pre facelift) has a more attractive interior/exterior. Then again, I thought the e92 was quite attractive as well - so it's really just the sedan that took a step backwards.
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