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Originally Posted by AF View Post
I just got her another A4 ... same exact car different color ... Iíll post a couple of pics when we pick it up. Itís been a crazy week ... I got the dreaded call from her on her way to school a few days ago ... a guy blew through a red light (not a yellow light turning red, literally went through a red light) my daughter was 1/2 way though the intersection(her light was green) and saw he wasnít stopping and floored it ... lucky she did, the guy hit part of the rear drivers side door and got most of the rear of the car.

Scary as shit ... she and one of her friends have some neck, chest and back pains but we are hoping everything is ok (fingers crossed) kudos to Audi, it got hit by a big pick up truck and the interior of the car had no visible damage.

Argh ... now you see why crash ratings are so important ...
Ugh, glad to hear that she seems to be OK. Cars are always replaceable.
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