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2019 540i Quick Review

Originally Posted by AF View Post
I think maybe you would need to get used to it. When I pull in my garage being it is a more traditional garage it works really well. I find it pretty cool how it switches the views depending on what it detects and all the changing of the sounds and showing you the objects in different colors is cool too.

My biggest complaint with my car is at almost a year old I still can't figure out how to shut it off in my garage and leave it unlocked ... I am not joking when I tell you it is not unusual for my wife to go into the garage hours after I come home and she will see my car on usually with the lights and radio on (not the engine running just in the on position).

And this is after I know the car shut down when I left it ... it is just weird but I gave up on this 8 months ago

You make a good point, I have a feeling BMW is going to have to do away with the charge eventually unless all the other brands jump on the band wagon.

Try hitting the start button one more time after the engine turns off. Alternatively get the car coded so it will shut off when you open the door I noticed that they’ve now made that default atkeast on the new 3 series

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