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Originally Posted by equ View Post
Waking up this dormant forum...

Made a relatively huge mistake when washing the m3 today. Was out of bmw wheel cleaner (the nasty smelling stuff that turns red) and too lazy to go to a dealer 15-20mi away, went for Mother's wheel foam.

What I normally do is spray a minute or two before the car goes into a car wash.

Holy crap... Wheels have cloudy marks on them that don't come off. This s**t hurt the clearcoat in minutes. Ugh. Lesson learned.

Now it is possible that OEM clearcoat would have survived it. I had the wheels done last year.

Maybe it time to powder coat them black ... I did this to my 911 and it looks really good. I know a lot of people here don't like the look but it is a nice change.

What color is the M3 ?
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