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Originally Posted by FC View Post
My wife told me a few days ago that there was a recall on the GTI. She mentioned it was some kind of software update. I looked at it in detail yesterday and it turns out to relate to the throttle mapping and the potential for a collision due to engine stall. I'm hoping it relates to my rant about lack of responsiveness and potential to stall. I mentioned this to my wife in the past: the need to always be very deliberate on left turns to ensure the rpms are high enough when one let's go of the clutch, otherwise the car could stall in front of oncoming traffic. And I had thought of calling/writing to complain about this very issue.

So I am hopeful this might fix the problem but also wonder if it may negatively impact other throttle-related characteristics.
yes there was a stalling issue on 2019 manual GTI, guess it applies to 2019+. I didn't have any stalling issues but got the SW update.
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