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Anyone driven an F30 330?

BMW keeps upping the ante with various incentives which piqued my interest enough to check out my local dealer's inventory. Came across a 330 wagon w/ adaptive suspension that looked appealing.

In the end, I was not a big fan of the n20 + ZF8 combo in my 528-- too jerky at low speeds and sometimes rough feeling idle. The f30 328s I've driven (w/ base suspension) have left me pretty uninspired with their sloppy steering and somewhat sloppy suspension. Supposedly, BMW has made a bunch of tweaks to the suspension, steering and drivetrain as of the 17 330 but I remain skeptical. Every review I read of the wagon w/ adaptive suspension seems very positive- but that may because the reviewers are drinking too much wagon koolaid.

At some point, I will test drive one but figured I'd ask you guys for feedback...
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