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Complaints so far:

- yes it's floaty, more so than the test drive indicated. I might go for the SRT sways if it gets to me. It won't be easy to do any other suspension mods with the air lift option I have.

Smaller stuff:

- A-pillar with giant mirrors and speakers built in blocks visibility on the driver's side. I move my head around to make sure I see the apex, the intersection and potential peds on left turns.

- Emergency parking brake and how it's controlled. The pedal is inane. I can't remember to put it on. If I put it on, I can't remember to take it off. Best are hand-pulled brakes, second are the electronic ones I'm getting used to (Audi's, f10, 981)... I haven't had a vehicle with this control in twenty years (since my last domestic)

- Wipers and signals/lights on the same stalk. This is just silly. Why is there no right stalk? So there is room for a non-existent column shifter?

- Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram dealers. At least the one I went to have it serviced. The slimeballs deserve their own rant thread. And a letter to FCA.

Many good things:

- Averaged 23-24mpg overall, 500 miles or so between fill-ups.
- Grunty feel, smooth and quiet on the highway
- Pretty easy to park
- Pretty good visibility otherwise
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