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Originally Posted by lemming View Post
The limited C8 supply has driven the ZL1 market crazy.

I watch these cars like a hawk and they donít sit for long. I track them daily. Like any other quant nerd.

And when I ask Chevy dealers, itís because guys would rather go with something like a ZL1 than try to pay DMA on any unclaimed C8s.

I think this is in addition to any COVID19 weirdness.
C8 is brand new and before COVID happened, it was well known that Chevy wouldnít be able to build enough to satisfy initial demand until early/mid 21 at the earliest. 6th Gen ZL1 has been available since the 2017 model year.

New and used ZL1 pricing has tracked pretty steady with 4 bangers, SSs, and the market at large for the past year. Iíve been paying pretty close attention with an embarrassingly detailed spreadsheet since long before you expressed any interest in the ZL1, but the ZL1 tracking was ancillary, not my central focus.

I canít categorically say your conclusion is wrong, but Iíve seen nothing that suggests itís correct.
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