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Originally Posted by lemming View Post
The data to me says the ZL1 and C7 preowned markets are still hot because people are dawdling until the Z06 shows up (and/or they missed allotment).

The forces acting upon used car market as a whole right now are so massive and distorting here’s nothing to find that’s model specific in niche cars like these. It’s like trying to measure the difference pouring in the Olympic pool sized volume of water before and after pouring in a Yeti cooler’s worth of melted ice.

Then add the super limited C8 production capacity, that many dealers are now selling MY22 allocations they hope to one day have if they’re not driven out of business long before that, etc.

Hotter C8 models that are sure to follow are going to make people paying ridiculous sums for existing, but poorly built from suspect materials, C8 examples quite unhappy in the next year or two.
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