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Originally Posted by JST View Post
Would it? I don't know--I don't see a huge difference in usability between a 250 mile range EV (which I own) and a 300 mile range EV. The number of times my car has been below 50 miles of charge is...maybe once?

Now, my driving is not your driving, and that extra 50 miles might be critical for you. But to me the real watershed mark is 200-250 miles, which we've already reached. At this point, it strikes me that the key is to make the batteries lighter and cheaper so the cars don't weigh and cost so much.
Strictly from a personal use perspective, from my house to our lake cottage is between 267 and 297 miles. We do the drive at least 2x / month. We fill up when we leave, average 78mph and don't stop the whole way and make to the cottage in exactly 4hrs. When we get there, we have plenty of gas left to go to town the next morning for breakfast and fill up.

I'd want this car to be my family vehicle and be able to make that drive reliably and plug in when I get there without having to slow down or add more time to the drive. 300 miles is the minimum range a pure ev needs to have for it to work for me.
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