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equ 08-04-2017 10:41 AM

e46 m3 - no longer a feeler
I've had and loved this car for nearly five years. I am not forced to sell, but life changes have given me less and less time to enjoy it, I've put less than 2k miles in the last year (boxster is a culprit). I used to do about 4k/year (do not commute to work, do not use this in the winter).


- 2001 BMW M3 Coupe 6MT
- Laguna Seca Blue/Gray
- 42,3xx miles (I bought it with 27k)
- HK Sound, Moonroof, Power/Lumbar/Heated Seats
- Rain Sensor
- CD Player + IPod hook
- No evidence of track or winter/salt/snow (previous owners averaged 2.5k miles/year)
- I always garaged it and it seems to have been generally well-kept
- All keys (including valet), manuals, tools and window sticker
- Near complete history from Day One to current (a thick folder of service). Indication of previous owners having OCD.
- No accident history. I had the lower portion of one of the doors fixed after my motorcycle leaned and marked it. The nose may have had a freshening respray when I got it, but since then has acquired a few chips. All interior parts look original so I think it was cosmetic.

While LSB, coupe and manual are highly desirable to the collector crowd, they do have a fetish for black interiors and slicktops. I get the top for track cars, but on the street, I personally enjoy both the light, airy interior and the tilt/slide/glass roof.


- Dinan Section 3 installed at Maximum PSI. An excellent condition stock exhaust will be included
- Autosolutions SSK 20%. Great improvement. I will include stock shifter and bushings but can't imagine anyone would want vague
- Off-road spec 35W halogen bulbs in low-beam, properly aimed
- Clutch stop, shortens travel, matches shifter
- OEM Front Strut Bar (01's didn't have it)
- Minor stuff like LED tails (non-OEM) (Stock tails included)
- Black grille and trim items (Stock chrome included)


- Valve Adjust done at 30k miles, most were in spec, visible part of engine super clean (pics available)
- Rod bearing recall done early on as well as many, many oil changes
- Airbag recall complete (passenger replaced, driver's was checked)
- Subframe inspected twice under previous owners at dealers, passed to their specs. I had it informally inspected at Maximum PSI at mid-30's mileage, he said it looked fine
- VANOS repair/rebuild at Maximum PSI using Beisan and Cryo (both broken hubs found)
- Plugs & Coils done recently at BMW specialist shop
- Moonroof shade track repaired by body shop
- Both door seals (large) replaced by body shop
- All fluids flushed under my ownership
- Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 80-90% in rear, 60% up front (will provide depth). Also fronts are XL, damned MPSS doesn't come in standard load for 225/45/18
- Driver's keyhole delete, color-matched
- Brakes original and vibration free
- No squeaks or sounds from the suspension
- Clutch strong and smooth, not abused

The Not-So-Perfect

- Wheels (original to the car) were refinished a couple of years ago, they are straight and look decent but not perfect (minor peeling around the edges)
- One wheel has small curb rash (maybe two?)
- Minor hairline scratches on bumpers, very small
- Some scratches under front spoiler (on plastic) driveway/parking stops
- A spill on front passenger footwell rug (bleach or paint?), mostly under the floormat
- Windows have tint from previous owner and the tint is slightly tired (not visible in pictures), I'm keeping it for protection, but a perfectionist might take off or replace
- Minor wear on driver's seat bolster
- Sunroof works, the shade recently came off the track

Detailed Maintenance (with records)

1135mi - 1200mi service
- diff & gearbox fluids
- brake bolts recall
- front door adjust/lube, clutch stop, alarm

4975mi - brakes lubed for screech
- door panel & seal replaced for closing effort
- dimming mirror replaced
- oil & cabin air filter
- brake fluid

5260mi - 2 rear michelin pilot sport (flat)

13450mi - parcel shelf speaker replaced
- DME update
- parking brake adjust

13600mi - connecting rod recall
- oil & filter
- front brake disc rotors & pads replaced for warpage
- power steering pressure hose replaced for leak

18500mi - OBD communication/DME update
- HVAC, final stage resistor (FSU) replaced for erratic fan speed

18800mi - subframe (rear axle carrier) inspection
- rear diff fluid replaced (grinding noise while cornering SIB 33 01 02 (last service by first owner)

19400mi - subframe inspection (second owner, different dealer)

23950mi - oil & filter change
- air filter, cabin air filter
- brake fluid, L fog lamp (third owner)

24000mi - front & rear michelin pilot super sport

24500mi - stones removed from brake shields

25000mi - exhaust cam sensor & seal

26000mi - Bosch battery

26850mi - oil & filter change
- idler & tensioner pulleys replaced for noise

27800mi - 65W Osram bulbs (fourth owner - ME!)
- Dice Mediabridge
- black grille
- clear sidemarkers
- clutch stop

28100mi - valve adjustment & valve cover gasket (xxPowerx)
- front strut brace install

29800mi - passenger door seal replaced
- moonroof shade tracks (ECS Tuning kit + body shop)

31000mi - oil & filter change
- diff fluid
- gearbox fluid
- coolant flush
- Dinan exhaust install

31600mi - cabin air filter
- new floor mats

32000mi - LED tail lights

33700mi - Upgraded C300 VANOS exhaust hub
- Cam bolts, VANOS seals, gasket, cover & timing
- Beisan VANOS solenoid (broken tabs found)

34200mi - alignment

35000mi - front tire replaced (flat)

35300mi - oil & filter change
- fuel filter
- brake fluid
- hood emblem (stolen)
- horns replaced

36800mi - front tires replaced

37450mi - 6 ignition coils & spark plugs
- fuel filter
- deodorize HVAC system

37700mi - wheels refinished

37750mi - engine air & cabin air filter (self)

38250mi - Bosch battery (self)

38950mi - oil & filter change
- exhaust gaskets replaced
- Autosolutions 20% SSK Install
- power steering fluid flush

40200mi - 2 rear tires, michelin pilot super sport

40300mi - passenger airbag (Takata) recall at dealer, replaced
- power steering fluid leak found

40700mi - handbrake tightened
- power steering fluid leak fixed

40725mi - driver's door seal replaced (installed by body shop)

41350mi - driver's side fog light replaced (self)

41400mi - driver's airbag checked under recall at dealer, not replaced

41950mi - oil & filter change, brake fluid flush


equ 08-04-2017 10:49 AM

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equ 08-04-2017 10:51 AM

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rumatt 08-04-2017 11:03 AM


wdc330i 08-04-2017 11:19 AM

The color is so fun!

JST 08-04-2017 11:33 AM

I confess I haven't kept up with these, so the price is kind of shocking, but I have no doubt that you've done the research on it. Good luck with sale.

It is weird how much more I like LSB now than when it came out. I remember being kind of revolted by it back in the day, but now it seems like a perfectly cromulent blue.

equ 08-04-2017 11:39 AM

Thanks, wdc & rumatt.

Prices are all over the place. Got an offer for $25k at C&C (from a serious guy).

Had to look up 'cromulent'. I loved LSB then and still love it. Makes the car.

Jeff_DML 08-04-2017 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by JST (Post 509506)
I confess I haven't kept up with these, so the price is kind of shocking, but I have no doubt that you've done the research on it. Good luck with sale.

It is weird how much more I like LSB now than when it came out. I remember being kind of revolted by it back in the day, but now it seems like a perfectly cromulent blue.

Yep and yep


As you mentioned, If I ever run into a chance to buy a slick top cloth decent color I would probably buy it.

clyde 08-04-2017 08:26 PM

I'm still not fond of that blue, but it looks awesome in the photos.

If I were looking for a nice E46M, I'd probably be all over this despite not being fond of the color.

equ 08-04-2017 09:27 PM

It's beyond a feeler; I listed it in a few spots.

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