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rumatt 04-10-2005 06:37 PM

Autox'd the E30 today.


Way more fun than the E46, that's for sure. So much easier to toss around. It was great.

Of course, I suck as a driver. My best time for the day included a 1 cone penalty (2 seconds). :rolleyes: I'll never get any better at this sport until I learn to become more consistent. I did well on all the various sections of the course, but I never put it together into a clean run.

But the irony is that the classing system is so ridiculous at this event (NY BMWCCA) that even *with* the 2-second penalty, I still won my class, the class above that, and would have gotten second in the class two up from mine. :? :rolleyes:

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Roadstergal 04-10-2005 06:44 PM


clyde 04-10-2005 11:12 PM

Needs more stickahzzzzzzzz............

rumatt 04-10-2005 11:15 PM

I need to become a better driver first. Then I can do some of those sticker-full events.

clyde 04-10-2005 11:46 PM

Not being good hasn't stopped me...

rumatt 04-10-2005 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by clyde
Not being good hasn't stopped me...

True dat. :twisted:

I'm thinking of doing one big event this year. Maybe the one at Fedex field at the end of July. I haven't figured out yet if I would just show up for fun (E30), or try to get serious and throw r-comps on the 330.

I'm not thrilled about spending more money, but like my dad always said.. if something's worth doing...

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