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Jason C
06-10-2005, 10:37 PM

Fascinating series of photographs with captions. Only nitpick I have is that there was a lot of cleaning and polishing, but (apparently) less measuring done than I did with a Chrysler 2.0 4-banger.

Also amusing was his decision to use a *real* engine, only to find out that (surprise!) "...the v12 hardly fits under the hood. The v12 is high, very high. Much higher as the plain american 90 degree V8. I figured I would have lots of space underneath the hood, but that was a mistake." ;)

Still, a great site depicting just another backyard project.

06-10-2005, 11:54 PM
That is really interesting.

In an odd way - It just reinforces my decision to get a V8 (740 or 840) instead of the V12 (750 or 850).

I've followed along with several folks that have been dealing with 'issues' on their V12's that would have had me sell the car. The V8's aren't perfect by any means, but at least there is only 'one' of something. :lol:

I ended up with the 740i as a result.

Still - Very interesting.

06-11-2005, 01:31 AM
The BMW V12 is a clutserf**k of an engine that is far too big, costly, complex, and underpowered to ever bother "rebuilding". Costs of a V12 BMW rebuild can top $20,000.... yes, twenty large. And did I mention they post weak power numbers?

This big boat engine belongs in something like the Speed Racer MEGA CAR. At least the newer BMW V12 makes over 400hp, N.A....

The old 4.4L BMW V8 (http://www.vorshlag.com/fair/bmw540_006.jpg), also a mammoth engine but to a much larger extent, makes good grunt and can last a long time. My 1998 540 has 120K miles and still puts down 267 rwhp (http://www.vorshlag.com/fair/540dyno2.jpg), with nothing but exhaust mods (http://www.vorshlag.com/fair.asp#540exhaust).

My next daily driver will be a 1998-2000-ish 740i with the same 4.4L V8. :) Can sound unbelivably good and run extremely well, with the right tweaks.