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  1. Audi S4 test drive (v. long)
  2. I'm almost certain I am selling my 190E
  3. car for rumratt
  4. Rum, have you seen this one?
  5. okay, this time I really found a car for TD
  6. I looked for a Taurus on Autotrader yesterday... :roll eyes:
  7. I have decided...JST is buying a Mustang as his next car
  8. Car for clyde:
  9. Car for rumratt
  10. I'm considering that '95 E320 Wagon.
  11. Sarafil: Is it already too late to order a pre-facelift A4?
  12. Sunny and 50 this w/e...what's JST gonna test drive?
  13. Made a decision (finally) on the 190E and what wagon to get.
  14. Who's indecisiveness is more annoying?
  15. The wagon that could end all wagon waffling...
  16. ZBB Joins the Waffler World...
  17. '92 525i or a 530iT?
  18. I picked up the S2000 for the weekend.
  19. My turn to waffle.
  20. Carless?
  21. Yet another look at the S2000
  22. I'm not a huge waffler...
  23. ok
  24. Latest idea: Car/Bike split
  25. Do they make a prozac-like drug for automotive wafflers?
  26. Yup, I'm waffling over the wagon again...
  27. Someone help me, please.
  28. a waffle of a different sort
  29. What I'm currently waffling with
  30. :eeps:
  31. How disappointing...
  32. Semi-Revised Car/Bike Waffle
  33. need some syrup to go with my waffle
  34. That camping trip really f'cked me up.
  35. What do you guys think of this deal?
  36. (My wife's waffle...) New Volvo V60R/V70R or Used BMW 540i?
  37. TD..have y'all considered
  38. latest addition *SUV warning*
  39. E65 waffle
  40. help me find a Ford GT in Tungston Silver (for a friend)
  41. found TD's new ride
  42. It's beautiful
  43. No. I found TD's new ride....
  44. NOOO. I FOUND TD's New Ride!!!
  45. E90 Waffle
  46. Hmmm....
  47. Nice looking M5 for sale in DC, first glance good price.
  48. 2006 National Tour schedule (or why clyde is thinking of selling the RX8)
  49. Useless car talk
  50. Big wagon; little wagon; seeedan?
  51. Car issues
  52. What happened?
  53. Status 160
  54. Leasing / buying
  55. :dunno:
  56. Sell, hold, or replace the ZHP?
  57. "Perseverate"
  58. Buy, sell or hold the V?
  59. Anyone ever driven or owned an E21?
  60. s2000/boxster
  61. Wife wants the S2000 replaced :-(
  62. Holy orange seats, Batman!
  63. Anyone with recommendations for shop for pre-purchase inspection near Roanoke, VA
  64. Family beater: 2001-02 E430?
  65. Some test drives
  66. Test-drove V70R
  67. Hey JST: 2003 540i 6spd at AA
  68. Odds and Ends
  69. Typos
  70. I guess the right deal fell into my lap
  71. Boxster is history !!
  72. My wife ordered an X3
  73. I believe that I bought the wrong car...
  74. my turn
  75. Dodge Magnum R/T:
  76. Anyone know much about E28s?
  77. Beater Time (again)
  78. Beater found.
  79. 2001 740i Sport
  80. 2003 540i 6spd
  81. roadster (poll, input solicited)
  82. E36 M3 to E39? (Kinda long)
  83. E28s and E34s am I nuts?
  84. 350z
  85. Not impressed by 997 (or am I not getting it?)
  86. OK, I've hit the "no more M3" point...
  87. On Perseverating...
  88. If BMWNA brings an E90 (sedan) M3 to the US with a stick, will you buy one?
  89. My next car...
  90. the latest silly idea
  91. 987s or 987c
  92. M3/4 unexpectedly sold...Need help on ZHP!
  93. Future wagon waffling continues - Why not a 540iAT?
  94. beater for equ
  95. C43 AMG Any thoughts?
  96. searching for a "daily" - more test drives
  97. A tale of two 528's
  98. some 5er and a4 driving impressions
  99. Why do I keep looking.....
  100. STi across the board: next leading question.
  101. '07 Z06 lease
  102. Saturday's (Off)Road Trip - Lots of pictures.
  103. Well, it looks like we wont be getting an SUV.
  104. Truck shopping....
  105. Paging SARAFIL: Can you find out any inside info on this car?
  106. Waffling contininues: Drove '01 E320 Wagon
  107. Anything I should look at on a new '06 DMax/Allison 2500HD?
  108. Blizzak LM-25's or Dunlop Wintersport 3D's?
  109. My wife doesn't want a Jetta now...
  110. No stinkin' waffling here...
  111. ZBB's waffling begins
  112. It is harder than I thought
  113. Any thoughts on the LGT Spec B?
  114. AWD cars with manual transmissions
  115. WoW Really only $34K and 31K miles
  116. Refurbish and maintain the E46 or get a new RX-8?
  117. Traded the butterknife for a scalpel
  118. Hmmmm.....
  119. Hmmmm..
  120. Not in the spirit of this forum...
  121. Test drives (awd, daily)
  122. Can somebody run a VIN for me please?
  123. Can I perseverate about bikes in here?
  124. Meet the new addition..
  125. Cayman vs boxster ... which one to get ...
  126. Bad Time to Lease an S4 Avant?
  127. This has to be a typo...
  128. My brother is waffling (A4 2.0T Q / Legacy GT / other)
  129. Next best deal in an M in a couple years?
  130. Small SUV Shuffle
  131. Small SUV Shuffle
  132. Comprehensive comparison site with specs?
  133. Replacing the impreza
  134. 964?
  135. Honda test drives & weekly update
  136. Should we suck it up and keep the truck?
  137. I'm feeling a bit, um....Equ
  138. Why am I selling the s4?
  139. If you had to get a seven-seat vehicle, what would you get?
  140. Part II: You have the seven-seat vehichle, and now you can buy a fun sub-$60,000 car.
  141. e46 330xi
  142. Quick. Slap me. I'm starting to think the Merc R320 CDI makes some sense.
  143. e90 3??xi
  144. I didnt perservate long
  145. To keep or not to keep the 330i: Part many
  146. Wander Lust
  147. Slap me again... This time re: the car to replace my E90.
  148. my perservate
  149. I knew this was too good to be true...
  150. For any of those who have been around here a while...
  151. Test drove an R56 MCS
  152. cars for my wife - first look
  153. Poll - What should I do....
  154. Thinking of getting a 4Runner..
  155. i want a 4 door RWD again.
  156. Yup, more waffling...
  157. Rotational Perseveration
  158. Waffling continues: S2000
  159. This picture changed my mind
  160. Quick Poll: (3.2L) 987S or Elise?
  161. Kids in the back of a 911
  162. This could be fun....
  163. new option solidified: JCWorks car or Stage I kit on MCS?
  164. Can I pull this off?
  165. Went to look at the 1er
  166. Musings on the Highlander and the X3
  167. Mercedes R Class
  168. Man, that 1 vert is hot!!
  169. Nice Elise
  170. Future family car / MCS waffling
  171. Which SUV
  172. Just drove an '04 996 C2
  173. MCS/P-car waffling
  174. Is this a dumb idea (3rd vehicle)?
  175. clubman...how are they selling?
  176. More Mini Talk. Finally drove one.
  177. Help me spec my MINI
  178. 3rd car shopping to commence...
  179. How to shop for a tow vehicle?
  180. What was the first model year BMW offered Bluetooth?
  181. Black sapphire
  182. Fair price for a 2007 328xi sedan?
  183. Nissan Pathfinder
  184. MCS, Jeep, ZHP, sportscar?
  185. M3 v. M5 v. CTS-V v. G8 GXP
  186. Nice 3.4L 987S
  187. Well, I've always wanted one.
  188. E-12 FTW
  189. Delaying sportscar purchase.
  190. Any bets on how much I can buy my MZ4 off-lease for?
  191. Car for stuka!
  192. Lets talk family trucksters (do-it-all wagon crossover)
  193. Should I keep the M3?
  194. equ perseveration update
  195. Ed, stop, NOW!!!
  196. My crazy plan
  197. 328 vs 325
  198. S2000 impressions ...
  199. LOL. I could turn in my lease in March and get THIS...
  200. My new truck - 2008 F-150 Lariat
  201. Weekend/fun car
  202. 328iT v 328xiT v X3
  203. Searching for a specific car on a dealers lot
  204. can now get the a4 2.0T with 6sp manual.
  205. Sarafil, Le Mans blue now available?
  206. Subaru STI - Latest Gen. Thoughts?
  207. JK Unlimited: Yellow or Green?
  208. Drool...
  209. FC Gets His Jeep On
  210. Jk Color Poll V2.0: Red or Green?
  211. what to replace the Armada with
  212. The new m3
  213. More FC Waffling. Now with fewer variables!
  214. New Car Tax Credit
  215. Shocker, I'm waffling again re: Jeep.
  216. Shout out to 'Fil
  217. Maybe stuka is right...
  218. things to ponder in addition to R56-based convertible?
  219. $7500 off on leftover M3's.
  220. Finally drove M3 sedan
  221. Am I nuts...?
  222. Should I?
  223. Saturn Astra, Volvo C30, or...
  224. Interim solution?
  225. Has anyone here driven an rs4?
  226. I really ought to just go buy this...
  227. Someone should buy this car...
  228. Sportscar trial period
  229. Will FC end up buying a new sports car in the next 3 months?
  230. Will FC end up buying a new sports car in the next 3
  231. Back to back: Elise vs Cayman S
  232. It's officially over. Or not.
  233. The 987S, one week on...
  234. 2001 Toyota Tundra
  235. If we decide to go with a minivan...
  236. just shoot me now
  237. Advice on Sandrail (dune buggy)?
  238. I have found my next car.
  239. And the wait begins...
  240. Why is it so hard to find these in good colors?
  241. Still waffling
  242. Flip flop
  243. Hey Stuka...
  244. Car for my cousin?
  245. new car for me
  246. 3rd car thoughts
  247. Time for me to start perseverating again, I suppose.
  248. I want this to replace our X5...
  249. Auto Forum Guide to Buying a Car
  250. Has anyone here