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  1. Never go to a car wash.
  2. Weird phenomenon
  3. Boar's bair brush
  4. $25 at Griot's - what to get?
  5. Yellowed Wheels
  6. So I washed the Z4 this weekend...
  7. Discounts at Griots?
  8. Griots wheel cleaner rocks!
  9. Yipes! Car NEEDS a detail!
  10. anyone else doing last minute pol-ee-mer coating/waxing?
  11. Paint repair -- beyond paint chips
  12. Claying product from Griots...
  13. Porter Cable adn Griot's does the job
  14. Cleaning the headliner
  15. Cats. Claws. Clearcoat. Crying.
  16. Gave my car a complete detail today!
  17. I am about to speak blasphemy
  18. Q on Griot's interior cleaner
  19. I pronounce myself ready for the rainy season
  20. Given a Sears 10" Buffer/Polisher
  21. Detailing in 35 Deg
  22. White crap.
  23. Hard water spots on convertable window.
  24. Removing wheel weight leftovers?
  25. new Menzerna polish from Classic Motoring.
  26. Rejex?
  27. Griot'ed the red Ci from head to toe...
  28. Amazing
  29. The Red Thread (56k warning)
  30. I am a soap believer.
  31. Bike detailing questions
  32. wheel well cleaner?
  33. Put a couple coats of Rejex on the car this weekend
  34. Yup, I'm back in the northeast, and it's winter.
  35. ahhhhhh, scratched my helmet......
  36. Zaino'ed the Saab yesterday
  37. PC orbital prices
  38. I hate detailing...
  39. paint that unscratches itself
  40. Wheelwax
  41. Water marks on aluminum finish
  42. Best way to clean textured E46 dash?
  43. It's tmie for a porter cable polisher: need recommendations for basic setup
  44. Water blade
  45. Griot's Garage Store
  46. MF'ing HARD WATER!! GDI!!
  47. Cleaning Griots Orbital Pads
  48. On detailing and car waxes
  49. Tree Sap Removal?
  50. getting black plastic black again
  51. finally waxed my car
  52. Filling Paint Chips?
  53. I haven't washed a car in years...
  54. clay bar
  55. Removed clear bra from 997
  56. Upholstery cleaning?
  57. Wheel cleaner...
  58. Ruined my windshield?
  59. I almost lost it watching this video
  60. Anyone up to date on the latest & greatest wax/sealer?
  61. Best and Best Budget Scratch Remover
  62. MEGUIAR'S D14001 Wheel Brightener
  63. Lexol is good stuff
  64. CarPro ClearCut
  65. Leather care and colored seat stitching.
  66. New stuff
  67. Clear bra quotes
  68. Car Care Product Recommendations
  69. ceramic coating
  70. Detailing questions for Nick and Clyde
  71. RO Polisher - New plate or new polisher?
  72. cut & polish
  73. Plastic Cleaner/Polish....
  74. Gtechniq C4 - Permanent Trim Restorer
  75. FYI for anyone that needs some Spring detailing supplies
  76. Great Ceramic Wheel Coating
  77. Black Friday 25% off at Detailed Image